Making photographs between the ruins and unruins of the postnatural landscape. 

"In the studio I set the negatives in slide mounts and paint them with solutions of earth metals and mineral salts, sometimes letting them steep in the brine for days... 

Some of these materials were used in the earliest photographic processes, and they are all substances entangled in the diverse metabolisms of soil and sea. 

The commingling of these chemistries, the accretions and erosions that form their own miniature landscapes on and under the surface of the image, feel to me like a recursion of the geological — a collapsing of planetary scale — into these diminutive slices of all-too-human time..."  

  - Erosion::Antecessor, The End of the World Review

Selected Presentations

2022: Etiolai, *Solo Exhibition* Presented by Alice Austen House For Photoville. New York, NY 

2022: Yes And, Staten Island Musuem. Staten Island, NY 

2021: Erosion::Antecessor, The End of the World Review (online publication)

2019:The Alice Austen Triennial of Photography, Alice Austen House Museum. Staten Island, NY

2017: Caught In Time, MAAC. New York, NY 

2017: Making It Real, London Alternative Photography Collective. London, UK

2017: Poster, Black Ball Projects. Brooklyn, NY

2017: De[con]struction, Carrie Able Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

2016: Bushwick Open Studios, Space 776 . Brooklyn, NY

2014: Editions, *solo exhibition* 8818 Sunset blvd. Los Angeles, CA 

2014: Artists' Books & Cookies, 356 Mission projects. Los Angeles, CA

2013: Re-Wiring the Real, Temple Ad Hoc. Los Angeles, CA

2012: Ars Lumina, *solo exhibition* Sancho Gallery. Los Angeles, CA 

2012: ReVisions of LA: Drawing and Photography, LACE. Los Angeles, CA 

2012: Bohemia Los Angeles, Krishna Kumar Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

2011: Fast Forward 2, Museum of Contemporary Art. Santa Barbara, CA 

2011: Sliding Down, R&R Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

2011: La Gran Pachanga, 111 Minna Gallery. San Francisco, CA 

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