Darkroom chemistry and crude solutions of metal salts intervene in the development and fixing of photographs - engaging the historical and material conditions in which these objects are produced and persist... 

The resulting images incorporate gestural abstraction while also evoking the phenomenological quality of the photograph: erasures and voids, noise and interference; visual distortions which elicit the psychic distortions and abstractions of subjectivity. 

In making photographs oriented towards an interior space (both material and mental) I'm interested in the idea of the photograph as excavation, in the twinned sense of a physical and psychic dredging. The photochemical processes redolent of the mineral. The photograph as fossil . . .  

Selected Exhibitions 

2018: Bushwick Open Studios, Space776. Brooklyn, NY

2018: Generation, Worth Ryder Gallery, University of California. Berkeley, CA

2017: Caught In Time, MAAC. New York, NY 

2017: Making It Real, London Alternative Photography Collective. London, UK

2017: Bushwick Open Studios, Space776. Brooklyn, NY

2017: Poster, Black Ball Projects. Brooklyn, NY

2017: De[con]struction, Carrie Able Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

2016: Winter Salon, Greenpoint Gallery. Brooklyn, NY

2014: Editions, 8818 Sunset blvd. Los Angeles, CA *Solo Exhibition

2014: Artists' Books & Cookies, 356 Mission projects. Los Angeles, CA

2013: Re-Wiring the Real, Temple Ad Hoc. Los Angeles, CA

2012: Ars Lumina, Sancho Gallery. Los Angeles, CA *Solo Exhibition

2012: ReVisions of LA: Drawing and Photography, LACE. Los Angeles, CA 

2012: Bohemia Los Angeles, Krishna Kumar Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

2011: Fast Forward 2, Museum of Contemporary Art. Santa Barbara, CA 

2011: Sliding Down, R&R Gallery. Los Angeles, CA

2011: La Gran Pachanga, 111 Minna Gallery. San Francisco, CA 

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